621: “The Taking of Leon Winchell” by Lee Forman




When Leon spends a day at the Renaissance Faire drinking more than he should, strange things begin to happen. On a downward spiral for a while, has he hit bottom, or is there further to fall? Strange things are afoot in that little tent that seems bigger on the inside.

About the Author:

Lee Forman is an author residing in the Hudson Valley, NY with his daughter and four cats. He’s been a fan of horror literature and cinema since his fascination with the macabre began in childhood, watching old movies and reading every novel he could get his hands on.

He’s a third generation horror fan, starting with his grandfather who was a fan of the classic Hollywood monsters. He spends most of his time writing short fiction, reading, and hiking trails in the Catskill Mountains. In October 2014 he won 3rd place in the Writer’s Carnival Short Story Contest hosted by Sanitarium Magazine and in 2015 he was a competitor in David Wellington’s Fear Project. He’s currently writing a serialized novella titled Silence in the Willow Field.

Recently Lee penned an episode of The Lift. An story podcast that’s a favorite of Your Librarian.

For more information, a list of publications, and to read his web series go to www.leeandrewforman.wordpress.com

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About the Artist:


Steven Matiko is a talented artist who enjoys horror and dark fiction. Many pieces of his work can be found on the 9th Story Website. Steve is also a musician and his original music is often featured on the 9th Story.

Steve has recently accepted a position as the Art Director for The Wicked Library and The Lift.

Website | Twitter


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