624: Last Pass & Lights Out



This week is a double feature, with two terrifying tales from Miracle Austin!

Last Pass:

When a man with an addiction learns a family secret, he might be in for more than he bargained for despite whether he believes or not.

Lights Out:

What if a fear of the dark is justified and the light that keeps it at bay is taken away?

About the Author:

Miracle Austin
Miracle Austin is a YA/NA Cross-Genre author; adults also enjoy her works. She’s been writing ever since first hearing Drive by the Cars in junior high. Horror/suspense are her favorite genres, but not limited to. She enjoys writing diverse flashes and short stories.

Her first novella, Doll, a story about outcast teens versus the popular mean girl in an untraditional way is avaialble now. She’s also completed her first extremely, eclectic—requires mind to be open to the impossible—short story collection, Boundless which currently being edited.

You could say that Boundless is a gumbo of themes, some light-hearted, while others are much darker… She hopes to release it before the end of the year. She is also working stand-alone novel, Lonestar UnOrdinary Girl, a supernatural tale with comedic elements.

She resides in Texas with her family. She loves to chat it up, so feel free to contact her.

“Lingering fiction that ignites diverse mind journeys and beyond…”

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Tracy Polkownikow is a wild child at heart. She creates paintings and illustrations that seek to express the full emotional potential of a moment. When she is not illustrating life’s experiences, Tracy can be found gardening or cooking up something devilishly delicious in the kitchen.

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Dramatic reading performed by Daniel Foytik: www.9thstory.com
Twitter: @9thstory

The voice of the Librarian was performed by Nelson W. Pyles (www.nelsonwpyles.com)
Twitter: @NelsonWPyles

The voice of Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes and Society 13 was performed by Amber Collins http://ambizzlezappa.deviantart.com/gallery
Twitter: @blamberino


This Episode was scored by Nico Vettese of We Talk of Dreams

About the Composer:

Nico is a talented composer from Glasgow “I focus on writing soundscapes that will make the media immersive rather than having music that is distinctive. I intend to make all sounds illustrate the worlds that the media is set within.” ~ Nico Vettese

Website SoundCloud | Facebook

Production Music

The Wicked Library Theme
Anthony Rowsick of Novus (novus3.bandcamp.com)

The Society 13 Theme (featuring Amber Collins)
Anthony Rowsick of Novus (novus3.bandcamp.com)

Deep Noise (Warning)
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

What Was Will Be Coming Now Soon, Spiders in the Library, Going out Wicked
Daniel Foytik (9thstory.com)

Audio Recording

Narration and final mix by Daniel Foytik, 9th Story Studios: www.9thstory.com

9th Story Studios:

Producer: Daniel Foytik Executive Producer: Nelson W. Pyles

Music Director: Nico Vetesse | Art Director: Steven Matiko
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