705: Wickedly Bizarro – 3 Tales from Madeleine Swann

The Wicked Library wishes to thank our Season Seven partner, RODE Microphones, for their support. All in house vocals are recorded exclusively on RODE Microphones.


How to Host a Dinner Party Without Awakening the Dark Ones

A practical guide on hosting a proper dinner party.

Narration: Daniel Foytik

An Unexpected Reunion

The best reunions are unexpected and come at the most unexpected times.

Narration: Daniel Foytik

Invite Ghosts and Earn Pounds

A woman and her boyfriend find a way to make some extra money by "hiring" ghosts to haunt their home.

Narration: Jessica McHugh


Stories by Madeline Swann


Art by Jeanette Andromeda


Dramatic readings performed by Jessica McHugh and Daniel Foytik


The voice of the Librarian was performed by Nelson W. Pyles


Production Music

"The Wicked Library Theme"
Anthony Rowsick of Novus (novus3.bandcamp.com)

"Going out Wicked" (Credits)
Daniel Foytik (9thstory.com)

"A Laughing Librarian" (Outro)
Daniel Foytik (9thstory.com)

Audio Recording

Narration by Jessica McHugh and Daniel Foytik. Final mix by Daniel Foytik, 9th Story Studios: www.9thstory.com

9th Story Studios:

Producer: Daniel Foytik Executive Producer: Cynthia Lowman

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    1. The Librarian says:

      Your Librarian is happy to have you here in his collection of writers.

      1. I’m happy to be in it!

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