Best of Season 3: Always Something There to Remind Me by Gary A. Braunbeck


When Cindy and her husband Randy start watching old home movies from his childhood, Randy begins to notice subtle differences between his memory and reality — changes that become more apparent as they watch. Cindy tries to reassure Randy, but it soon becomes evident that reality and memory are not what they seem.

Enjoy this creepy and twisted tale from Season Three as read by Nelson W. Pyles.


Gary A. Braunbeck


Maddie VonStark


Dramatic reading performed by Nelson W. Pyles


Production Music

“The Wicked Library Theme”
Anthony Rowsick of Novus (

“Going out Wicked” (Credits)
Daniel Foytik (

“A Laughing Librarian” (Outro)
Daniel Foytik (

Audio Recording

Narration by Nelson W Pyles, long, long ago…

Final re-mix and intro by Daniel Foytik, 9th Story Studios:

9th Story Studios:

Producer: Daniel Foytik Executive Producer: Cynthia Lowman

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