David Ault

801: “The Rags on His Back”, by Christopher Long

The Wicked Library returns for it’s first regular episode of Season 8!

For The Wicked Library’s launch we’re celebrating with something special, an audio play. Today we present a tale written and adapted by Christopher Long, based on his short story of the same name.

A homeless man relates his tale of the time he found kindness from a family of strangers, kindness that terrified him.

730: Highway 16 – by Caitlin Marceau

When a young woman stops to help an old man on an empty highway, not all is as it seems. The man is looking for more than assistance and what he needs is more than she’s willing to give.

The story is based upon the Highway of Tears, a Canadian highway from British Columbia to Alberta. The bodies of 19 First Nation’s women have been discovered along the stretch of road, but more than 40 women are said to have been taken from Highway 16 over the years.

729: Extra Wicked Fall

This week, thanks to our Patreon supporters and some very Wicked Authors, we have been able to produce two Extra Wicked tales for you all as well as three delightfully twisted tunes by Pandemonium’s Calliopi, courtesy of Zach Hill.

718: Idle Hands – by Kelli Perkins

The Devil is back this week, with a darkly humorous tale that’s sure to give you a little more sympathy for him. In this tale, the Devil, a lover of theater sits at man’s stage where he and God haggle over the price of the ticket.