728: Louise, Your Shed’s on Fire – by Matthew Weber


In this darkly comic homage to alien invasion stories, Meg Thatcher witnesses a mysterious object fall from the sky and crash into her neighbor’s shed.

Then things get weird. Read More …

723: Amelia’s Labyrinth – by John Clewarth


John Clewarth makes his Wicked Library debut with this darkly mysterious tale.

George Paddison is sent to boarding school, deep in the North Yorkshire countryside. His wealthy father, the owner of a national newspaper, says it will be ‘the making of him’. At first, George is lonely and bewildered in the vastness of the Manor School, but is befriended by a captivating young boy, named Joseph Longmire. George is fascinated by Joseph’s prized possession, a toy Victorian theatre, through which he makes up his own stories. By means of distraction, Joseph takes George exploring in the huge grounds, to a mysterious woodland that is home to a strange natural phenomenon. Read More …

719: Dead Man’s Caul – by Jessica McHugh


Jessica McHugh returns with a new wicked story narrated by Nelson W. Pyles. In this dark tale, a sailor looking for the way out of his predicament makes a deal with an old woman. Who comes out the better in the end? Read More …

705: Wickedly Bizarro – 3 Tales from Madeleine Swann


This episode features 3 Tales from Madeleine Swann with one read by Guest Narrator, Jessica McHugh.

How to Host a Dinner Party Without Awakening the Dark Ones | An Unexpected Reunion | Invite Ghosts and Earn Pounds Read More …

626: Terror Returns – Two Tales from Jessica McHugh


It’s the Season 6 Finale, so we pulled out all the stops to make this a really special episode. Enjoy a few words from the Librarian and two great tales by resident author Jessica McHugh. Stay tuned for an interview with Jessica. Hear an excerpt from Read More …

X4: Christmassacre 2015


STORIES: “Yuletide Ride” – by Daniel Foytik, read by Daniel Foytik “Boxing Day” – by C. Bryan Brown, read by Daniel Foytik “The Duchess of Brimstone” – by Bret Boriseau, read by Daniel Foytik “Old Krampus” – by Jane Yolen, read by Victoria Bigglesworth-Hays “Basement Etiquette” – by Gwendolyn Kiste, Read More …

BS4-1: “Meat Lover’s Special” by Miracle Austin


Bonus: Concept Art STORY Dash has a problem and a steak dinner and something…special is about to provide a solution. A short tale that takes on a takes on a difficult topic,”Meat Lover’s Special” still manages to be fun, dark, and quite Wicked. Enjoy this rare Read More …

614: “The Darkness Within” by K. B. Goddard


STORY Written in the style of the great old Victorian Ghost Stories, comes a story by K. B. Goddard. A mysterious box is found hidden in an unlikely place. What evil will be found within? About the Author: K.B. Goddard is a British writer of Read More …