733: Doubly Dark – Season Finale


In her first full length episode, Brooke Warra helps us close out season 7 with two Wicked tales. In “Sleepyhead” a girl struggles to be accepted until fate ties her to boy and everything changes, then in “Irreconcilable Differences” a man deals with a terrible loss the best way he knows how for many years, until he’s presented with a choice. Read More …

730: Highway 16 – by Caitlin Marceau


When a young woman stops to help an old man on an empty highway, not all is as it seems. The man is looking for more than assistance and what he needs is more than she’s willing to give.

The story is based upon the Highway of Tears, a Canadian highway from British Columbia to Alberta. The bodies of 19 First Nation’s women have been discovered along the stretch of road, but more than 40 women are said to have been taken from Highway 16 over the years. Read More …

728: Louise, Your Shed’s on Fire – by Matthew Weber


In this darkly comic homage to alien invasion stories, Meg Thatcher witnesses a mysterious object fall from the sky and crash into her neighbor’s shed.

Then things get weird. Read More …

727: Rare Air – by Mark Slade


Mark Slade makes his Wicked Library debut with this tale told by John Grilz with Nicole Goodnight as Meg.

Rude and crude Howard King is everything most women do not want, so why is rich and glamorous Meg so attracted to him?

Check out the new podcast collective The Wicked Library has joined, Dark Myths. Read More …

626: Terror Returns – Two Tales from Jessica McHugh


It’s the Season 6 Finale, so we pulled out all the stops to make this a really special episode. Enjoy a few words from the Librarian and two great tales by resident author Jessica McHugh. Stay tuned for an interview with Jessica. Hear an excerpt from Read More …

625: Tattershed Home


STORY When a man inherits a home willed to him by his mysterious uncle it appears to be a great stroke of luck, and he’s excited to move in his family and give them a chance at an ideal life – there’s even a tire Read More …

624: Last Pass & Lights Out


STORIES This week is a double feature, with two terrifying tales from Miracle Austin! Last Pass: When a man with an addiction learns a family secret, he might be in for more than he bargained for despite whether he believes or not. Lights Out: What Read More …

623: “Sweet & Sticky Sarah” by Sebastian Bendix


STORY Money and privilege often allow one to operate with impunity, but for one well off Boston elite, things are about to get interesting. Reginald Early, Jr. is the heir apparent to taking over his father’s company – a company that was also responsible for Read More …