705: Wickedly Bizarro – 3 Tales from Madeleine Swann


This episode features 3 Tales from Madeleine Swann with one read by Guest Narrator, Jessica McHugh.

How to Host a Dinner Party Without Awakening the Dark Ones | An Unexpected Reunion | Invite Ghosts and Earn Pounds Read More …

702: The Man in the Ambry by Gwendolyn Kiste


A lonely girl writes letters to the creature residing in her family’s ambry. Her parents don’t believe the creature is real… until they start finding otherworldly objects in the girl’s room. Read More …

701: Barry the Basement Bear by Stuart Conover


A teen boy has a special bear from his childhood. A bear that will go out of it’s way to keep the monsters at bay, but in doing so who is the real monster? Read More …