721: Extra Wicked Summer 2017


This week, thanks to our Patreon supporters and some very Wicked Authors, we have been able to produce three Extra-Wicked tales for you all:

“Amputation Capital” by Tyler Woodsmall, narrated by Addison Peacock. “The Pit” by Meg Hafdahl, narrated by Jessica McEvoy. Mrs. Morrison’s Pie” by Nelson W. Pyles, Narrated by Nichole Goodnight. Read More …

710: Southern Fried Horror – Two Tales by Eden Royce


In honor of Women in Horror Month, the Wicked Library delivers a show all by the ladies! Aside from this week’s “The Wicked Colonel” artwork by Steven Matiko and a special appearance by the Librarian, the ladies have the run of the Library this week. Of course, every month features women in horror at the Library.

“Hand of Glory” A woman has a unique way of getting information from a suspected killer despite his reluctance to cooperate.

“Homegoing” A woman struggles to come to terms with her son’s crimes. Read More …

707: Raison D’être by Nelson W. Pyles


The Lift’s Guide, Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes begins to question not only her existence but her purpose. Fortunately for her, there is someone else who can not only sympathize, but can help guide her through this particularly rough time in her unlife. In this first ever crossover, the worlds of The Lift and The Wicked Library collide in a surprisingly uplifting episode about choices. Read More …

706: The Road Man by Aaron Vlek


Lights on the highway through the desert disappear in impossible ways and three mystified young brothers on a family road trip wonder why. The same car keeps passing them in the night, year after year after year on summer road trips and the boys fear it is the dreaded Road Man. This isn’t Area 51 and there are no aliens in sight, but the Road Man owns this stretch of all but deserted highway and he’s no urban legend. Read More …

701: Barry the Basement Bear by Stuart Conover


A teen boy has a special bear from his childhood. A bear that will go out of it’s way to keep the monsters at bay, but in doing so who is the real monster? Read More …

622: “Dear Cousin Gavin” by Aaron Vlek


STORY Most families have secrets. But secrets always yearn to be known. Join us as we explore the dark secret of one family. A secret with roots that run deep– a secret that refuses to stay buried. About the Author: Aaron Vlek is a storyteller Read More …

621: “The Taking of Leon Winchell” by Lee Forman


  STORY When Leon spends a day at the Renaissance Faire drinking more than he should, strange things begin to happen. On a downward spiral for a while, has he hit bottom, or is there further to fall? Strange things are afoot in that little Read More …

RW-4: “Bad Shepherd”


STORIES Let’s REWIND! From Season Two comes a remastered version of Lydia Peever’s chilling tale “Bad Shepherd.” In this week’s story, we meet Laurel; a sweet girl who grows up to be a “Demon Whisperer.” This story is in the collection available on Amazon, Pray Lied Eve: Short Read More …