Flash Submissions


Want to hear your own story on The Wicked Library? We are actively creating mini-episodes for our newsletter subscribers as a reward for being a subscriber. These audio stories will initially be released to our newsletter subscribers only, but will later be bundled together into a full sized episode and released in our main feed for our entire audience.

Here are the rules for submission:

1. What we look for: Well written horror fiction in manuscript format with a word count of 1,000 – 2,000 words (1,500 words is the sweet spot) – in manuscript format. If it’s not double spaced, in manuscript format, and does not include your contact info, it will not be selected to be read.

For this project, we are firm on our story length. Shorter or longer stories will not be selected.

2. Submit your best story. We don’t select every story we receive, but we do pick the ones that best fit the audience and theme. We do feature a large variety of horror from traditional ghost stories to modern horror and a lot of things in between. We will accept up to two total (2) stories via the form below for consideration. Please don’t submit more than 2 in a 6 month period without a request from us.

3. Rights: You retain the rights to your story, you just agree to let us post it to our podcast feed. Want to copy your episode and email it to your fans? Go for it. Thinking about burning a CD as a promo? It’s your story, go for it! We just want to share it with as many horror fans as possible. The Wicked Library’s mission statement is to get authors, artists, and composers noticed by new fans.

IMPORTANT: If your story has been previously published, we need to be assured that the rights have been returned to the author – most publishing contracts do not allow a recording while still under rights. If your contract doesn’t specify, contact the publisher and ask if we can read your story. Many publishers will agree, as it is free publicity for them.

4. Sharing: You agree to promote your episode to your friends, family and fans via social media and other means. The Wicked Library grows by word of mouth and your story is heard by thousands of listeners because of the authors who came before you.

5. File format: It’s worth a second mention. For ease of reading, please submit your story in manuscript format (that’s a link to manuscript format) in one of the following file formats: doc, docx, rtf, or pdf Manuscript Format is VERY IMPORTANT. Equally important – Your story WILL BE separated from the submission form for reading. We MUST have your contact info on your story so we know who you are and how to tell you you’ve been accepted.

6. Submit your story for consideration via the submission form below.

We can’t wait to read your story!

Submission Form

  • After reading the rules above, you may use this form to submit your stories for consideration.
  • Your Stories

  • For ease of reading, please submit your story in manuscript format in one of the following file formats: doc, docx, rtf, or pdf. PLEASE BE SURE YOUR CONTACT INFO IS ON YOUR STORY AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE SO WE CAN CONTACT YOU.
  • Sadly, due to the volume of stories we receive, we cannot accept all stories for production into an audio experience. We are, however, sharing a select number of stories as text only for online reading. These stories will be added to a special section of our site called "The Librarian's Private Collection". If you are interested in having your story considered for this, please indicate so below.