5Robo19The Wicked Library is the best horror podcast available on iTunes. TWL features great voice actors, high production value and truly creepy original stories. I also appreciate the author interviews that run after the story ends. It’s interesting to hear the authors insights and their motivations surrounding their stories.
5theonelostguyA short few months ago I finally caved in and waded in the podcast pool. It started with conspiracy sights for entertainment and quickly evolved into old tales of the macabre then to new tales. Sifting through many shows I found “No Sleep” love the voice actors. That’s how I discovered “the Library” my favorite site, quickly working my way through I pod’s available story’s from the Library and starting to become fearful of having to wait on new episodes I had no choice but to start supporting The arts through Patreon. I still can’t get enough, but my options are wider now. Thanks Library, you’re the BEST!
5Blkf50I like to listen to stories as I fall asleep. But, every single story I listen to on TWL keeps me up in the night. With the wonderfully wicked narrations and the terrifying tales they tell. I find it hard to find sleep. But, in a good way. If you’re looking for a bump in the night, turn to the librarian. He’ll have what you’re looking for.
5organiczombroSimply amazing if i may amazeballs makes my work days fly by thank you guys and if i could i would support your patron account but till i can ill just tell all the hoys and gools i can find


Uppy123Wicked library is well produced. I love the stories and the narrators. The interview at the end with the authors are really interesting. It’s helped give me insight to what goes through an authors mind.
5SinnamonbunnSo glad I found TWL. I’ve been reading and watching horror since I was 10 and I’ve listened to all the big players in horror podcasts and I gotta say, TWL wins my favor hands down. Everything from the sound design, voice acting, and the amazing writers that contribute to the show make for an immersive listening experience. The stories are so rich in detail and style and varied in tone and perspectives; I can’t get enough! I listen during my commute, when I just get home from work, and when I’m falling asleep at night to help me have sweet dreams.  Love TWL so much and all of the talent at the heart of it.
5MikelMartzLove the show, specially the voice acting and soundtracks! Thank you for keeping the good work guys!
5ticket2heavenThe wicker Library has a great production on the wonderful stories they tell. They usually have me hanging on the edge of my seat to see how it’ll end. Great job!!!
5briananarchyI love horror and storytelling podcasts. After becoming a fan of the No Sleep Podcast I have been looking for another good horror show and 2weeks sho I stumbled on this one. It is just what I was looking for. Great quality, voice narration and stories. The author interviews are also interesting and motivate me to do more writing myself. Keep up the great work!
5Joeyrich325TWL is an amazingly, delicious, fantastic podcast. I absolutely cannot believe that such audio is free to listen to. Please give it a try. Will not let you down. After all….what are you afraid of, kiddies?
5Ms. NikkieI’ve been searching for a horror story podcast similar to Nosleep and I have to say this one is better. I love the author interviews at the end. Great storytelling. Keep up the good work.
5SupermanjohnnoThis podcast has become my driving, gym, sitting, studying and just about every other moment spare. The stories are great and very reminiscent of the tales from the crypt. Keep up the fantastic work and keep me entertained. Ryan.
5TWL Review!I came across “The Wicked Library” after doing a search for spooky Podcasts. Nearing October, I thought it’d be a great way to get in the mood for Fall and Halloween. Boy howdy, this team did not disappoint. I love the integration of writers, the outlet to other fantastic Podcasts, and the stories — OH, the stories! The plots, settings, and narration are diverse, and have continued to keep me yearning for more. I can’t get enough of it, and luckily, most of the featured writers either have their own published works that I can check out, or have other Podcasts available. Keep up the awesome work, Team TWL!
5Tiffany @ The Chi-AthleteI came across “The Wicked Library” after doing a search for spooky Podcasts. Nearing October, I thought it’d be a great way to get in the mood for Fall and Halloween. Boy howdy, this team did not disappoint. I love the integration of writers, the outlet to other fantastic Podcasts, and the stories — OH, the stories! The plots, settings, and narration are diverse, and have continued to keep me yearning for more. I can’t get enough of it, and luckily, most of the featured writers either have their own published works that I can check out, or have other Podcasts available. Keep up the awesome work, Team TWL!
5Kmn001When I was four years old, I “accidentally” watched ‘It’ while hiding on the stairs in my childhood home. Though this resulted in a life-long fear of clowns, it left me with a love of the horror genre and a hunger for the macabre. This podcast satisfies my hunger with a vengeance. I have discovered many different authors through this podcast whose works I have happily explored outside of this podcast. The wonderful quality of the podcast does great service to the stories that the authors entrust with them. I look forward to discovering more authors and stories through this podcast.
5Kanthos88The stories read in this podcast are not only amazing but they really take you to another place. The cadance is just amazing and the production value is beyond anything I have heard in a horror story telling podcast.
5eyesblackascoalThis podcast is purely wicked. I love it. The host is a great guy I can just spend hours listening to the wicked library. If you like this podcast be sure to check out the lift. Just as good. The librarian and Victoria have cross overs just amazing if I could give ten stars I would
5ExcitingNapsA well produced and preformed podcast. Most stories are spectacular and will stick with you. Have been marathoning these episodes at work and won’t know what to do when I run out of episodes.
5Jonezy182Links were included in the episode description to more quickly find the author’s info/books/biblio etc. Love the interviews and just wish it were easier to find info referenced within that dialogue. If your website had a transcript of the convo w/Andromeda, and link to that!? That would be really slick, because the author often references books and authors that inspired them. Would be great to easily access that instead of pause and write it down. Great stuff though!!!
5AnonatallI love this genre and subscribe to several; this is among the top three and I’m so glad I stumbled upon it. New stories read by excellent readers. Thank you TWL.
5tardicusRexThe Wicked Library has been a surprise pleasure. I got into reading horror stories online a few years ago, and eventually found my way to podcasts. Without a doubt, the Wicked Library is an absolute favorite. The crew behind the podcasts puts a lot of love into the project and it shows. Good horror is hard to come by and I look forward to each podcast with a ton of anticipation. Thanks a lot guys for everything you do! -Ben
5111000111Just Listened to TWL722:Ten Little Indians with Patrick Moody and it was amazing! How has it taken me so long to find this amaing podcast, I love it! This production was well crafted and enjoyable and I am looking forward to do downloading all the others and listening to them as soon as I can. Thank for for the awesome content!
5OklatushExcellent horror anthology podcast. Writing quality is top notch.
5WMO84This is BY FAR the best podcast for short thrillers. I don’t say horror Bc they vary greatly in the type of scare you will receive. I love that women are frequently included Bc they write terrific stories (see The Pit by Meg Hafdahl for example) also, the story telling and sound tracks are JUST ENOUGH and excellent! The story tellers truly make the stories come to life in a way that does not overshadow the story by making their own telling of it more important. This podcast seems to truly be a JOINT effort of any and all horror genre writers/producers/narrators and all else not mentioned. The librarian is wicked 😉 funny and everything about this podcast has made it a top favorite and highly anticipated new episode release for me each refresh. Skip the commercials, that is easy! Don’t see the point in complaining on that when you’re getting such an extensive array of different talents coming together to tantalize your earlobes. I am dropping patreon support from another scary story podcast which began to lean on the overused terms and story lines as well as sexual undertones for this one which leans on artist support and praise, innovative thrill aspects and imaginative and fresh stories. Nothing regurgitated here! Please do another trilogy Like the wicked summer! I love how each played off the other all by different talents. I will most definitely be keeping my library card renewed!
5AahmylynI love the voices and the tales told! Thanks for a great show!
5cwatson98I love story podcasts I listen to this one in particular whenever I’m in my car such a great show! Can’t wait for more
5MacSteeleI literally (as of 6/15/2017) just caught up with this podcast after binging Season 4 to Present and it’s been great! The variety of the stories in the “library” means you don’t get stuck in a rut or burned out on the same characters over and over. My only complaint is that I didn’t discover this podcast when it started so I could have season’s 1 – 3 in my memory. After finishing this review I’m heading over to become a patreon of the show and I encourage everyone who given this a 5-star rating to go do the same!
5GorgothknightIf you love great horror and awesome voice acting. This podcast is for you. Thank you for the great show. Can’t wait for the next one
5Tico 90I work nights at the post office and my commute to work is long, and i bore of heaing music and music makes my 8 to 12 hour shift seem like an eternity, but when i started to listen to the wicked library and the lift and my shifts seem to move faster and faster like i work pasted in a blink of an eye, and it is due to this amazeing and mindblowing podcast, as i move mail from one place to another and process the mail, its like im not there ive been transported to the library its self and i want to thank you for this, and please keep it up yall are amazeing a new and forever listener
5Big PauliThis is a great podcast, and I hope that you continue making it for a long time to come. Lots of excellent content.
5once upon a fanI’m a horror podcast junkie; I listen to them while working, while running, driving, etc and I foam at the mouth for new episodes of TWL. Well written, well acted and totally entertaining.
5Dinoman80There’s nothing lacking in this podcast! Great format, stories, and production will have you coming back for more. So good it’s wicked.
5A.J. DvorakIf you love NoSleep, Creepy, Tales to Terrify, Tanis, Rabbits, The Black Tapes, or We’re Alive type shows you must add TWL to your horror podcast arsenal. I never thought I would be a listener who would financially support a podcast but for this excellent show I am a donor through Patreon and proud of it. Do yourself a favor and listen to a few episodes and I guarantee you’ll find yourself anxiously waiting for next weeks episode. Excellent host, narrators, and stories. Highly recommended.
5JKNasonThis is one of the best horror story podcasts I’ve had the luck of stumbling across, and is the first I’ve bothered reveiwing. The love and pride put into polishing each episode really shows through – with an exceptional cast of voice actors, ambitious authors, and gorgeous music/sound effects, the Wicked Library is at the top of the charts for anyone who loves pondering, “What goes bump in the night?” The stories poke their claws into every corner of the horror genre – from magic, monsters and murderers, to aliens, asylums and more. Most episodes have a single story that lasts about half an hour and finish with an author interview. No episode is shorter than 45 minutes. It’s nice to find quality stories that span a reasonable amount of time, and it is always refreshing to hear from the author. The only downside about the Wicked Library is that I am always hungry for more. In short, there is only one way to summarize the listening experience: Wicked good fun.
5AmbrosiacI couldn’t get through the day without my podcasts. This is one of my faves for sure! Keep it up guys!
5MgllpzI’ve been listening to the podcast for about a year now and as soon as my phone notifies me a new episode is up I’m thrilled! I’ve never been disappointed at all ever since The No Sleep podcast directed me here. Keep up the awesome work guys it’s much appreciated!!! Mike
5Heather32174I am loving this podcast! I am obsessed with NoSleep, Creepy and Chilling Tales and whole bunch of old time radio horror podcasts. The Wicked Library is right up there with them! I can’t stop listening! I hope you get many more listeners, fans and supporters!
5KaterajmedStarted with no sleep and moved onto TWL. Really impressed and so glad I stumbled across it. Thanks for the great show and amazing story telling!!
5team squirrel foreverI love this pod cast so well made I even like the interviews , especially her sexy laff , I really want to say somthing bad so I can get the cry baby sound but I just can’t , thank you so much
5Minnie Ninja equals MininjaI discovered the Wicked Library when host Dan Foytik told the intro story to another favorite podcast of mine, Just a Story. I’ve been Wicked Library junkie ever since. This show isn’t just for horror fans, it’s for anyone who loves a wicked good story. The voice-acting is top notch and the stories are incredible. I find myself telling friends about this and that story and the impact it had on my night, morning or whatever. BTW, the crossover episode with Victoria getting a visit from her uncle made me subscribe to the Lift immediately. This podcast has opened my world up to new authors and I find myself heading over to their websites and amazon pages for more. I really enjoy the author interviews after the story….so inspiring. No one else is doing this and I love what these guys do.
5Mama Marie88This is an awesome podcast.
5The Ro-Man’s GamesI really enjoy this podcast. Each new episode brings a new view on the horror podcast art. The voice asking is great and the author interviews are well thought out and enjoyable to listen to. And I like that they are willing to take risks with their story selection and I also love the positive vibe the Host has and how much they appreciate their audience. Great show. Good Fun. Give it a try. Ps: I love the tie in to the Lift as well. Adds depth to both worlds.
5ClaraSkysMy wife and I found this podcast just in time for a recent road trip. We binged every episode in the car and will definitely be regular listeners from now on! An excellent podcast for anyone who loves short horror stories. Especially if you’re interested in what the authors have to say about their work and writing processes.
5Dora_RoseI’m hooked and I love it! Excellent job!
5squid238The Wicked Library is one of my favorite horror fiction podcasts. From the opening, to the stories, to the author interviews, this is everything I was looking for in a podcast. Keep up the great work, and thank you for all that you do!
5NuSpankJust recently found your podcast, love the stories and interviews, they help get through the horror story that is my life (stay at home mom to 6 kids, lol)
5OntariaI’m a big tales from the crypt fan. This podcast reminds me so much of the introduction for tales of the crypt I love it so much. I started listening Friday evening I didn’t stop till Sunday evening I listen to all 55 episodes in one weekend.
5Brooksj0639I will listen if my wife is not present in the house and I think that is the magic in the writing here. I want to see many more episodes and seasons! #WhatWasThat!?
5Myownself77There are many things that set this podcast above others. From it’s selection of stories from many talented but relatively unknown authors to the professional voice actors and the superior sound quality. For me though my favorite aspect is that they have an interview with the author right after the story is told. This helps further bring the story to life. A must listen!
5Cafeamericano10cmThe horror stories never disappoint and the narration is always spot on.
57ory1992Just as good as “the dark verse”
5CrimzzenThanks for all your hard work! This podcast never fails to impress!
5RyanmkdI have specific taste when it comes to podcasts, and for the past few years, I stopped listening completely. I knew what I was hoping to find, but I just couldn’t track it down. I don’t remember how I stumbled across The Wicked Library, but from the moment I pressed play, I found what I had been looking for. The show allows me to just shut off my mind and absorb myself into a world not too different from our own. I wish there were new episodes every day, I simply can’t get enough. Keep up the amazing work!
5Laura V.A.This show is fantastic and it introduced me to Victoria’s Lift! Keep up the creepy work. P.s. This show helps me run just a little faster with the adrenaline it pumps into my fears.
5estuchedepeluche25Sometimes the actor and the character are of diferent genders, somehting that can invite further suspention of belief, or demand more from the actor. That aside, the intro is campy, fun and the intreviews are fun and interesting, but the true value is in the story and the stellar work the producers do from selecting the stories to the productions of the readings. One of the bests podcasts.
5ParkerHousewifeI’m impressed by the professionalism of these artists and I look forward to every new episode!!! Subscribe and give em five stars. They deserve it!!!
5CosmicHorror96Definitely gets me through the day at work. The voice acting is superior and the stories are curated expertly.
5alchemist_lightA must listen to for all horror fans!! The librarian will keep you coming back for more!
5SaraNayIf you love horror podcasts, you should listen to this!! The Wicked Library is amazingly awesome!! I love the horror!!! 
5YosaphbridgeI just found this podcast through The Lift. I am loving the ambiance in every episode. The readers and audio are really great. Keep up the good work!
5Y2trey000I’ve have a couple horror podcasts (which is really all I listen to) and this is my top five! I look forward to listening to a new episode whenever it downloads on my phone! The voice acting, music, and stories are all great quality. The way you sit down with the author and ask for more insight on the story is amazing. Keep it up for many more years! 
5PopismomWicked Library makes cleaning house go by in a flash. I plug my earphones in and by the end of the episode I have a cleaner house, chills down my spine, and a slight fear of cleaning down in the basement.
5Tara_83I enjoy every episode. Great production and storytelling. One of my favourites!
5AryeniI am recovering from neck surgery and these spooky stories absolutely help me pass the time. I’m giving the show 5 stars as should everyone who enjoys the awesome entertainment provided by these talented people at society 13! Mr. Foytik you are the best horror fiction host out there and I really appreciate all that you all do. I also love the crossovers with Victoria at The Lift. Keep up the great work guys!!!
5Odiddy1985Great podcast that is well produced and transports you into the stories creeping the crap out of you on a weekly basis. Highly recommend to anyone who likes horror or sci-fi.
5signewhoDon’t miss out of this one! This is a wonderful spooky storytelling podcast which uses the freedom of time in post casting to its full advantage. No short weak stories here.
5Cute Nicky CI’ve been a horror fan for over 20 years (and I’m only 31 lol!). This podcast is chockfull of quality tales, amazing production and voice acting, and even an extremely informative Q & A with the author of the featured story(s) at the end of every episode. Truly a well thought out, well executed podcast!
5revdom666I’ve been a horror fan for over 20 years (and I’m only 31 lol!). This podcast is chockfull of quality tales, amazing production and voice acting, and even an extremely informative Q & A with the author of the featured story(s) at the end of every episode. Truly a well thought out, well executed podcast!
5SleepyMommyLoveGoreThe Wicked Library is the best! Well written stories with great casting! I’ve listened to every episode at least twice! If you’re looking for entertaining stories, great casting and a bit of horror – click here.
5Fresh StepperThis is a great horror podcast I just found. Excellent narration, sound effects, music, and plots. The host, The Librarian, reminds me of a new twist on old classics, like the Crypt Keeper, Elvira, or Vincent Price. I really enjoy listening to these on my way into work everyday.
5swampbootypodcast is great. great production. great storytelling, and its also a plus that the narrator has a hint of that western PA yinzer accent. makes me miss home…
5TwoFootGiantJust start listening. Awesome writing, character acting, sound editing. It’s all just amazingly done
5Boojum!I listen to a few fiction podcasts and I have no problem staying for the record that this is great! Tell you what, listen, you won’t be disappointed.
5Seeking runnerLove the podcast very professional and scary please keep them coming
5EvanthecaddyGreat stories that opens my eyes into a different world!
5FamilyRickI’ve only recently discovered TWL, and I am so glad I did. This is truly modern storytelling at its best. After a long, hard, stressful day enduring an uninspired life, or after being forced to hear about another idiotic presidential Tweetstorm, I just want to find a relaxing, nontoxic escape. TWL is just that! Each new episode brightens my week, but the back library of episodes ensures I can always slip into my happy place as needed. I don’t know who to thank for this awesome podcast, but thank you, I do!
5ShannoninokcIf you love scary stories, then you will appreciate this well-produced, quality, podcast. Stories are creative and the voice acting is superb.
5gorekittenthis podcast is by far one of the best story based podcasts I have found, not only are the stories spooky, bloody and amazing but, You can tell how much the powers that be that run it love writing and the art of storytelling…. simply great, you need to check this out…. Trust me!
5nbcc3dIt’s creepy, entertaining, and greatly read. Great job!
5Scared little oneAll other 5 stars are spot on. This is the omni-channel of podcasts that will define the classic literature standards for the future.
5StValentine77I haven’t always had a paralyzing fear of the dark. I actually loved the dark. How mysterious and endless it seemed. I was twelve when I learned to both appreciate and fear the dark as one both fears and loves your god of choice. When I started listening to The Wicked Library about a year ago my fear of the dark and the unknown renewed. With every episode I never knew if I was going to have nightmares or be disgusted by the vile things waiting in the night. Every episode had me guessing as to where it would end, and it if would ever allow me to leave. Thanks!
5Rachel0923Love listening to these tales and the interviews with the authors. Hoping to make it to a live performance in Pittsburgh one day!
5MeagofromohioHearing “I love you” might get old but I really do mean it! You guys get me through my work days! Please don’t ever stop what you do! Much love! 
5MrRaven2005Love, love, love this podcast. I started in the middle of season 6 and I’ve loved if ever since. Having different people narrate each story was a great move, Keep it up.
5Gandalf7000The stories are great, this podcast helps get through the work day, give this one a listen!!
5JessVee81Love the stories selected and the voice acting is so much better than some other horror podcasts I’ve listened to. Reading aloud is harder than it sounds! Love also the author interviews, I so enjoy hearing their process and thoughts on their own stories as well as who they get their inspiration from. 10/10!!
5Ling419I love horror fiction and subscribe to a boat load of these type of podcast but this one in particular is a gem! After binge listening the entire season 6, I am so shocked that this is not on the iTunes top 50 chart. It’s fanstatic! I love the stories that the Librartian picks and love hearing from the authors behind the stories. I just wish the episodes were longer 🙂
5MidwestRJI really enjoy the variety of stories…the storytelling, background music, sounded effects all make for a very engrossing listen. Looking forward to all the stories to come!
5Yashvi1611Loving it so far!!
5Jade0617TWL is awesome! I love listening to the stories and wish there were more!
5Aaron VlekWhen I discovered this a few months back I did a binge listen and heard them all in just a very short time. This is a very slick production with a wonderful assortment of tales and they are providing a very great service to the horror community and its listeners, writers, and artists. Big Kudos lads!
5Axxy PantsI love this show! I love the mix and match of newer writers and those who are more established! The stories are always creepy! The art work is great! and the readings are super! This is one of those shows you can tell Dan puts a ton of time into!
5666haloWen TWL started, the host was tuff 2 listen 2 because of mic quality. The story would start & would be much better! Time in/experience & a lil’$ proved 2 B positive 4 this gr8 , unknown, podcast! I’ve been a “NoSleeper” 4 some time now & have JUST come across TWL by accident. Glad I did! Keep up the good work everyone! EXCELLENT story telling! EXCELLENT production! Thank you & good luck!
5EnglishPsychoIIThis podcast features excellent short horror stories from writers both established and new. There’s a hell of a range in the stories and they’re expertly read by the host, who has the skills of a brilliant actor. There’s also some extra info about the story in each episode once the tale is told. A satisfying podcast to send chills up your spine! I find them perfect to listen to on my commute to work!
5HistoryGoesBumpI have really enjoyed this podcast for a long time. The transition from Nelson to Daniel has been seemless and I have really enjoyed the new season! The author interviews are inspiring for listeners and writers alike. Keep up the great production! And keep it creepy!
5Lolathe2ndWonderful content and format. Really enjoy the author interviews included with each episode.
5Dreamweaver77This is such a unique weekly Podcast with a top notch production! The Wicked Library really knows how to pick through an amazing array of authors to find the most original short horror stories out there. From Nelson Pyles captivating voice, incredible background music, and professional delivery of the story you will not be able to stop listening. This is my new found favorite Podcast that I Highly Recommend Subscribing so you won’t miss an episode. TOP NOTCH ORIGINALITY!!
5J.art88The new format is fantastic.! I already loved listening to this show because the horror stories this podcast share are a ton of fun, but now with the addition of the author interviews afterwards, it feels even more engaging. Now you don’t just get a great story, you get a look behind the curtain and get to hear what the author was thinking as they were writing. I’m always foaming at the mouth waiting for the newest episodes.