United States 5 SaraNay Excellent! If you love horror podcasts, you should listen to this!! The Wicked Library is amazingly awesome!! I love the horror!!!
United States 5 Yosaphbridge Great Sound! I just found this podcast through The Lift. I am loving the ambiance in every episode. The readers and audio are really great. Keep up the good work!
United States 5 Y2trey000 Love love love! Keep up the good work! I’ve have a couple horror podcasts (which is really all I listen to) and this is my top five! I look forward to listening to a new episode whenever it downloads on my phone! The voice acting, music, and stories are all great quality. The way you sit down with the author and ask for more insight on the story is amazing. Keep it up for many more years!
United States 5 Popismom Best Way to Get Housework Done! Wicked Library makes cleaning house go by in a flash. I plug my earphones in and by the end of the episode I have a cleaner house, chills down my spine, and a slight fear of cleaning down in the basement.
Canada 5 Tara_83 Great creepy podcast I enjoy every episode. Great production and storytelling. One of my favourites!
United States 5 Aryeni Best Horror Fiction I am recovering from neck surgery and these spooky stories absolutely help me pass the time. I’m giving the show 5 stars as should everyone who enjoys the awesome entertainment provided by these talented people at society 13! Mr. Foytik you are the best horror fiction host out there and I really appreciate all that you all do. I also love the crossovers with Victoria at The Lift. Keep up the great work guys!!!
United States 5 Odiddy1985 High quality scares Great podcast that is well produced and transports you into the stories creeping the crap out of you on a weekly basis. Highly recommend to anyone who likes horror or sci-fi.
United States 4 Jedibuffy Enjoyable for Horror Fans I listen to alot of Horror fiction podcasts, while this is not my favorite, it’s among the better ones in my opinion. As with all fiction podcasts, the stories can be hit or miss and alot of this will depend on personal taste. The audio quality is good, the narator and host is good. There is an interview with the author after the story which I usually don’t listen to, but it’s a nice feature.
Finland 4 En_n1 For those who enjoy horror stories A good podcast for people who enjoy other podcasts like tales to terrify and no sleep. Audio is great and it’s also well edited. A pleasure to listen. Sometimes the interviews can be a bit tedious, though
United States 5 signewho Quality podcast! Don’t miss out of this one! This is a wonderful spooky storytelling podcast which uses the freedom of time in post casting to its full advantage. No short weak stories here.
United States 5 Cute Nicky C Simply Amazing! I’ve been a horror fan for over 20 years (and I’m only 31 lol!). This podcast is chockfull of quality tales, amazing production and voice acting, and even an extremely informative Q & A with the author of the featured story(s) at the end of every episode. Truly a well thought out, well executed podcast!
United States 5 SleepyMommyLoveGore LOVE IT! The Wicked Library is the best! Well written stories with great casting! I’ve listened to every episode at least twice! If you’re looking for entertaining stories, great casting and a bit of horror – click here.
United States 5 Fresh Stepper That Librarian, Though! This is a great horror podcast I just found. Excellent narration, sound effects, music, and plots. The host, The Librarian, reminds me of a new twist on old classics, like the Crypt Keeper, Elvira, or Vincent Price. I really enjoy listening to these on my way into work everyday.
United States 5 swampbooty fan-damned-tastical podcast is great. great production. great storytelling, and its also a plus that the narrator has a hint of that western PA yinzer accent. makes me miss home…
United States 5 TwoFootGiant Stop reading reviews Just start listening. Awesome writing, character acting, sound editing. It’s all just amazingly done
United States 5 Boojum! You should listen. I listen to a few fiction podcasts and I have no problem staying for the record that this is great! Tell you what, listen, you won’t be disappointed.
United States 5 Seeking runner Seeking runner Love the podcast very professional and scary please keep them coming
United States 5 Evanthecaddy Love it Great stories that opens my eyes into a different world!
United States 5 FamilyRick Great Escape I’ve only recently discovered TWL, and I am so glad I did. This is truly modern storytelling at its best. After a long, hard, stressful day enduring an uninspired life, or after being forced to hear about another idiotic presidential Tweetstorm, I just want to find a relaxing, nontoxic escape. TWL is just that! Each new episode brightens my week, but the back library of episodes ensures I can always slip into my happy place as needed. I don’t know who to thank for this awesome podcast, but thank you, I do!
United States 5 Shannoninokc High Quality in All Aspects If you love scary stories, then you will appreciate this well-produced, quality, podcast. Stories are creative and the voice acting is superb.
United States 5 gorekitten Storytime gets scary again… this podcast is by far one of the best story based podcasts I have found, not only are the stories spooky, bloody and amazing but, You can tell how much the powers that be that run it love writing and the art of storytelling…. simply great, you need to check this out…. Trust me!
Canada 5 nbcc3d Love this podcast It’s creepy, entertaining, and greatly read. Great job!
United States 5 Scared little one Well done! All other 5 stars are spot on. This is the omni-channel of podcasts that will define the classic literature standards for the future.
United States 5 StValentine77 Fear of the dark renewed! I haven’t always had a paralyzing fear of the dark. I actually loved the dark. How mysterious and endless it seemed. I was twelve when I learned to both appreciate and fear the dark as one both fears and loves your god of choice. When I started listening to The Wicked Library about a year ago my fear of the dark and the unknown renewed. With every episode I never knew if I was going to have nightmares or be disgusted by the vile things waiting in the night. Every episode had me guessing as to where it would end, and it if would ever allow me to leave. Thanks!
United States 5 Rachel0923 Great wicked tales Love listening to these tales and the interviews with the authors. Hoping to make it to a live performance in Pittsburgh one day!
United States 5 Meagofromohio Thank you isn’t enough Hearing “I love you” might get old but I really do mean it! You guys get me through my work days! Please don’t ever stop what you do! Much love!
United States 5 MrRaven2005 The Librarian is Back 🙂 Love, love, love this podcast. I started in the middle of season 6 and I’ve loved if ever since. Having different people narrate each story was a great move, Keep it up.
United States 5 Gandalf7000 Awesome podcast!! The stories are great, this podcast helps get through the work day, give this one a listen!!
United States 5 JessVee81 Current favorite podcast!! Love the stories selected and the voice acting is so much better than some other horror podcasts I’ve listened to. Reading aloud is harder than it sounds! Love also the author interviews, I so enjoy hearing their process and thoughts on their own stories as well as who they get their inspiration from. 10/10!!
United States 5 Ling419 LOVE this podcast! I love horror fiction and subscribe to a boat load of these type of podcast but this one in particular is a gem! After binge listening the entire season 6, I am so shocked that this is not on the iTunes top 50 chart. It’s fanstatic! I love the stories that the Librartian picks and love hearing from the authors behind the stories. I just wish the episodes were longer 🙂
United States 5 MidwestRJ Midwest RJ I really enjoy the variety of stories…the storytelling, background music, sounded effects all make for a very engrossing listen. Looking forward to all the stories to come!
Belgium 5 Yashvi1611 Amazing Loving it so far!!
United States 5 Jade0617 TWL TWL is awesome! I love listening to the stories and wish there were more!
United States 5 Aaron Vlek WONDERFUL ASSORTMENT When I discovered this a few months back I did a binge listen and heard them all in just a very short time. This is a very slick production with a wonderful assortment of tales and they are providing a very great service to the horror community and its listeners, writers, and artists. Big Kudos lads!
United States 5 Axxy Pants One of My Favs I love this show! I love the mix and match of newer writers and those who are more established! The stories are always creepy! The art work is great! and the readings are super! This is one of those shows you can tell Dan puts a ton of time into!
United States 5 666halo Evolution, good! Wen TWL started, the host was tuff 2 listen 2 because of mic quality. The story would start & would be much better! Time in/experience & a lil’$ proved 2 B positive 4 this gr8 , unknown, podcast! I’ve been a “NoSleeper” 4 some time now & have JUST come across TWL by accident. Glad I did! Keep up the good work everyone! EXCELLENT story telling! EXCELLENT production! Thank you & good luck!
United Kingdom 5 EnglishPsychoII A must for horror fans. This podcast features excellent short horror stories from writers both established and new. There’s a hell of a range in the stories and they’re expertly read by the host, who has the skills of a brilliant actor. There’s also some extra info about the story in each episode once the tale is told. A satisfying podcast to send chills up your spine! I find them perfect to listen to on my commute to work!
United States 5 HistoryGoesBump Love The Wicked Stories I have really enjoyed this podcast for a long time. The transition from Nelson to Daniel has been seemless and I have really enjoyed the new season! The author interviews are inspiring for listeners and writers alike. Keep up the great production! And keep it creepy!
United States 5 Lolathe2nd Excellent horror podcast. Wonderful content and format. Really enjoy the author interviews included with each episode.
United States 5 Dreamweaver77 Finally Something Original! This is such a unique weekly Podcast with a top notch production! The Wicked Library really knows how to pick through an amazing array of authors to find the most original short horror stories out there. From Nelson Pyles captivating voice, incredible background music, and professional delivery of the story you will not be able to stop listening. This is my new found favorite Podcast that I Highly Recommend Subscribing so you won’t miss an episode. TOP NOTCH ORIGINALITY!!
United States 5 J.art88 A horror lover’s Paradise The new format is fantastic.! I already loved listening to this show because the horror stories this podcast share are a ton of fun, but now with the addition of the author interviews afterwards, it feels even more engaging. Now you don’t just get a great story, you et a look behind the curtain and get to hear what the author was thinking as they were writing. I’m always foaming at the mouth waiting for the newest episodes.
United States 5 Patient#9 A Master Storyteller Pyles not only knows how to pick a great story – and how to write a great story, but also how to captivate a listener and keep you on the edge of your seat. I look forward ro a new episode each week. It makes my hellish commute even more hellish – but in a good way! Stream or download, but listen in!
United States 5 autiezombiegirl Fantastic showcase! Wicked Library is a fantastic showcase for authors! Nelson Pyles is a great reader of stories as well as a storyteller. I enjoy listening to these frightening and weird tales with Nelson’s soothing voice lulling me into a false sense of security in my well being. Then bam! Scare me to death!
United States 5 Your boy Jesse TWL TWL is the best part of the approaching weekend. Every Thursday, host Nelson W. Pyles spotlights the week’s creepiest tale. Showcasing nationally recognized authors and new writers can find a spot here to work their eerie musings into your ears.