708: Christmassacre V


For the fifth year in a row, The Wicked Library brings you a frightful collection of tales to make you shiver from more than the cold! Enjoy 6 tales to wrap up your year in the most Wicked way possible.

Stories: “Yuletide Ride” by Daniel Foytik, “Hark, The Herald” by Aaron Vlek, “The Clause” by Lane Llyod, “Unc The Snowman” by S. L. Dixon, “Together this Time” by Samantha Pleasant LeBas, “The Dangers of December” by Immortal Alexander Read More …

X4: Christmassacre 2015


STORIES: “Yuletide Ride” – by Daniel Foytik, read by Daniel Foytik “Boxing Day” – by C. Bryan Brown, read by Daniel Foytik “The Duchess of Brimstone” – by Bret Boriseau, read by Daniel Foytik “Old Krampus” – by Jane Yolen, read by Victoria Bigglesworth-Hays “Basement Etiquette” – by Gwendolyn Kiste, Read More …